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Do you know the story of Dionysus? He was a Greek god. He was the god of wine and considered a patron of the arts. Dionysus was Zues, an immortal god, and Semele’s, a human, son. The only problem was Hera, a Greek god. She wanted to kill Semele and Dionysus because she was jealous of them. Sadly, when Semele was still pregnant with Dionysus, Hera succeeded in killing Semele by getting one wish from Zues that made Zues show his true form and it burnt Semele to a crisp. Zues saved Dionysus by taking the baby out of Semele stomach when she died. But the trouble with Hera was not over, she sent titans to go kill Dionysus. He was killed, but brought back to life by another god named Rhea. Zues sent Dionysus to go live the nymphs over the mountains.

Dionysus had many accomplishments. He traveled the world, actively encourage his cult along the way. Also he was able to go to the underworld and bring the dead back to life. He went to the underworld in search of his mother, in order to bring her back to Olympus. This shows his caring personality, someone people wanted to look up to.

I would think of Dionysus as a lucky person because he was immortal like his father. Also he is very brave for putting himself in danger by travel back to the underworld so many times. It was easy to tell he loved his mother very much.

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